July 2024
Date Title Source
08.07.2024 Two Illiterates In Fray In Phase III Odisha Assembly Polls View
08.07.2024 28 crorepati candidates fighting 3rd phase Lok Sabha... View
08.07.2024 Odisha Assembly Elections: 126 'crorepati'... View
08.07.2024 Odisha 3rd Phase Elections: Sanatan Mahakud, Soumya Patnaik... View
08.07.2024 Odisha Elections 2024: 86 MLA candidates in third phase... View
08.07.2024 86 MLA candidates in Odisha in third phase involved in... View
08.07.2024 ADR and Odisha Election Watch holds press meet ahead of 2nd... View
08.07.2024 Odisha: Sanatan Mahakud Richest Among 126 Crorepati... View
08.07.2024 Odisha Assembly elections: 126 ‘crorepati’ candidates in... View
08.07.2024 Wealth and Criminal Cases Dominate Odisha's Third... View
08.07.2024 Odisha Assembly elections: 126 'crorepati'... View
08.07.2024 126 'Crorepati' hopefuls to compete in 3rd phase... View
08.07.2024 ओडिशा विस चुनाव: तीसरे चरण में 126 करोड़पति उम्मीदवार View
08.07.2024 ओडिशा विधानसभा चुनाव: तीसरे चरण में 126 उम्मीदवार करोड़पति... View
08.07.2024 ADR: ओडिशा विधानसभा चुनाव के तीसरे चरण में 126 उम्मीदवार... View
08.07.2024 ADR की रिपोर्ट जारी: ओडिशा विधानसभा चुनाव में BJD प्रत्याशी... View
08.07.2024 ୧୨୬ ପ୍ରାର୍ଥୀ କୋଟିପତି View
08.07.2024 ஒடிசாவில் 126 கோடீஸ்வர வேட்பாளர்கள்.. 3 வேட்பாளர்களிடம்... View
08.07.2024 Electoral Bonds, Incumbency Advantage, and Concentration of... View
05.07.2024 Six candidates contesting Phase 3 Odisha Assembly polls... View
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