May 2024
Date Title Source
31.05.2024 123 of 1,352 candidates in third phase of Lok Sabha polls... View
31.05.2024 47% उम्‍मीदवार 12वीं पास भी नहीं… तीसरे चरण में कितने प्रत्... View
31.05.2024 ADR Report 2024: तीसरे चरण में 1352 प्रत्याशी मैदान में,... View
31.05.2024 Lok Sabha Election: तीसरे चरण में 392 कैंडिडेट करोड़पति,... View
31.05.2024 Female-to-male voting ratio in Maharashtra drops... View
31.05.2024 How India’s Politics is Funded and Why it Needs to Change View
30.05.2024 Percentage of 'crorepati' candidates has nearly... View
30.05.2024 104% rise in number of political parties contesting Lok... View
30.05.2024 Number of political parties contesting Lok Sabha polls... View
30.05.2024 What is the Form 17C petition in the Supreme Court all... View
30.05.2024 150 seats have zero women candidates in Lok Sabha Elections... View
30.05.2024 Lip Service to Naari Shakti: Each Woman Candidate Had to... View
30.05.2024 ADR EXPOSÉ - Parties Allowing Criminals & The Rich To... View
30.05.2024 Lok Sabha Election 2024: तीसरे चरण में 392 उम्मीदवार... View
30.05.2024 लोकसभा चुनाव 2024: तीसरे चरण में सिर्फ 9 फीसदी महिलाएं, 18... View
29.05.2024 6 Crorepatis in fray for Goa’s 2 LS seats | Bhasker... View
29.05.2024 Phase 3 polls Out of 57 candidates in Bengal 13 are... View
29.05.2024 Loksabha Election 2024: तीसरे चरण के चुनाव में करोड़पति... View
29.05.2024 Lok Sabha Election: तीसरे चरण के मतदान से पहले जानिए... View
29.05.2024 Lok Sabha Election: तीसरे चरण में कौन हैं सबसे अमीर और सबसे... View
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