September 2023
Date Title Source
26.09.2023 ADR: National parties declare assets worth Rs 8,829 cr in... View
26.09.2023 Numberspeak | 10 Men For Every Woman in Parliament &... View
25.09.2023 India’s Election Watchdog and the Struggle for Free and... View
22.09.2023 Rs 8,829 cr total assets of 8 natl parties: Report View
22.09.2023 BJP held assets worth Rs 6,046.81 cr in 21-22, highest... View
22.09.2023 BJP’s assets declared in 2021-22 are highest View
22.09.2023 At Rs 6,046 cr, BJP has highest assets among top 8 parties... View
21.09.2023 This Party's Assets Shot Up By 152% In A Year: Report View
21.09.2023 BJP's Assets Went up By 21% in FY22: ADR Report View
21.09.2023 At Rs 6,046 cr, BJP has highest assets among top 8 parties... View
21.09.2023 At Rs 6,000 crore, BJP has highest assets among top eight... View
21.09.2023 India's lower house votes to reserve third of seats... View
20.09.2023 राज्यसभेतील विद्यमान खासदारांपैकी 12% अब्जाधीश, आंध्रमधील... View
20.09.2023 राज्यसभेतील १२ टक्के खासदार अब्जाधीश! भाजप खासदारांची... View
20.09.2023 Rajya Sabha : বিলিয়নিয়ার ২৭ সাংসদ, রাজ্যসভায় বর্তমান... View
20.09.2023 ADR: ২২৫ রাজ্যসভা সাংসদের মধ্যে ২৭ জন বিলিওনেয়ার - সমীক্ষা... View
20.09.2023 Rajyasabha MP: রাজ্যসভার ১২ শতাংশ সাংসদ বিলিওনেয়ার, এক... View
20.09.2023 Richest and Oldest MPs in Rajya Sabha: রাজ্যসভার ধনীতম... View
20.09.2023 12% Of Sitting Rajya Sabha Members Billionaires, Says Report View
20.09.2023 ADR Report: राज्यसभा के 225 सांसदों की कुल संपत्ति 18,210... View
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