October 2012
Date Title Source
08.10.2012 Your MLAs aren't as common as aam aadmi View
September 2012
Date Title Source
26.09.2012 Government funds media campaigns of political parties View
24.09.2012 Political parties doublespeak View
18.09.2012 Can't extend campaign time: Election Commission View
18.09.2012 Ask parties not to field tainted candidates: Gujarat... View
17.09.2012 Himachal assembly has 26 sittings per year on average: NGOs View
17.09.2012 Political parties under RTI: CIC to decide View
12.09.2012 Political Parties made Rs. 4662 cr in seven years. View
12.09.2012 Cong, BJP defend receiving donations View
12.09.2012 Congress, BJP defend receiving donations View
12.09.2012 Activists call for transparency in funding of political... View
12.09.2012 Mining companies funding politicians? View
12.09.2012 Anonymous donors 'run' political parties in India... View
05.09.2012 Which companies are funding Political Parties and how legal... View
05.09.2012 EC asks candidates whether they own Jets and Yachts View
August 2012
Date Title Source
14.08.2012 At 1,662 cr, Cong leads with corporate donations View
14.08.2012 Activists, NGOs gear up for free, fair elections View
14.08.2012 Fiscal deficit of Karnataka 2nd lowest for 2009-10: Report View
14.08.2012 Parties take coupon route to bypass I-T dept View
14.08.2012 Indian National Congress is the richest political party View
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