Comprises analysis of Donations above Rs 20,000 that are received by Political Parties (National & Regional) and the Income Tax Returns filed by them, consistent with our belief that information relating to political parties must be in the public domain. In order to authenticate our analysis, scanned copies of Income Tax Returns of various political parties (national, regional and unrecognised parties) and RTIs that we file are also available here.

Income & Expenditure Analysis

The sections analyses the sources of income and items of expenditure of political parties through the Income Tax returns filed by the parties with the IT department. It is seen that only National Parties and very few Regional Parties file their IT Returns on a regular basis every year. Moreover, the system of disclosing their financial details is not consistent among the parties.

Donation Analysis Reports

This section analyses the donations declared as received by political parties above Rs 20,000 with details of donors from all over the country. The total income from named donors is much less than that from undisclosed donors contributing less than Rs 20,000. Apart from individuals and companies, there are electoral trusts which contribute the most to National parties and a few Regional parties.

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