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According to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), approximately 12% of the Rajya Sabha’s sitting Members of Parliament (MPs) are billionaires. According to the findings, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have the largest proportion of such legislators. The ADR and National Election Watch (NEW) investigated the criminal, financial, and other histories of 225 Rajya Sabha MPs out of 233.

Several major points are highlighted in the report:

  • In Andhra Pradesh, 5 out of 11 MPs (45 percent) are billionaires, whereas 3 out of 7 MPs (43 percent) are billionaires in Telangana.
  • Among the analyzed MPs, 33% have filed criminal charges against themselves, with 18% filing significant criminal charges.
  • Two MPs have proclaimed murder cases (under IPC section 302), while four MPs have declared crimes against women.
  • K C Venugopal, a Congress MP from Rajasthan, has declared a rape case (IPC section 376).
  • The report also includes statistics on criminal cases declared by MPs from different political parties, with percentages ranging by party.

These findings offer light on the financial and criminal backgrounds of Rajya Sabha members, providing insight into the composition of India’s Parliament’s upper body.

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