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About 12% of sitting MPs of Rajya Sabha are billionaires with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana having the highest percentage of such parliamentarians, according to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).The ADR and the National Election Watch (NEW) have analysed and updated the criminal, financial and other background details of 225 out of 233 Rajya Sabha MPs.

In the current Rajya Sabha, one seat is vacant. According to the report, 5 (45%) out of 11 MPs from Andhra Pradesh, 3 (43%) out of 7 MPs from Telangana, 3 (16%) out of 19 MPs from Maharashtra, 1 (33%) out of 3 MPs from Delhi, 2 (29%) out of 7 MPs from Punjab, 1 (20%) out of 5 MPs from Haryana and 2 (18%) out of 11 MPs from Madhya Pradesh have declared assets worth more than ₹100 crore.

The total assets of seven Members of Parliament (MPs) analysed from Telangana is ₹5,596 crore, that of 11 MPs from Andhra Pradesh is ₹3,823 crore, and 30 MPs analysed from Uttar Pradesh have total assets worth ₹1,941 crore.

Out of the 225 Rajya Sabha sitting MPs analysed, 75 (33%) have declared criminal cases against themselves.

Also about 41 (18%) Rajya Sabha sitting MPs have declared serious criminal cases and two members have declared cases related to murder (IPC section 302).

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