Organized by Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Election Watch (NEW) & Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)

Date:12th and 13th March 2016

Venue: Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad


This year, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW) organized their National Conference in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with the primary focus on Electoral and Political reforms. The Conference was held with the aim of bringing together and synergizing efforts towards strengthening democracy in our country.

The Chief Election Commissioner, Dr. Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi, inaugurated the Conference. Representatives of the National Election Watch (NEW) from each state chapter, members of political parties, government institutions and media were present to deliberate on issues related to electoral and political reforms in the country. The National Conference was an opportunity for us to add impetus and synergy to our work by bringing together all stakeholders. Their participation and inputs were instrumental in making the Conference a success.

Topics of discussion during the 12th National Conference ranged from ‘Re-hauling the Electoral System in India,’ ‘Criminalization of Politics and lack of transparency in political party finances,’ ‘Conflict of Interest: Impact on good governance,’ to ‘Innovative ideas to decrease money and muscle power in elections at the grass-root level’ and ‘Impact of the Internet, Social Media and Data Analysis on Elections & Governance’. These discussions were enriched by the participation of eminent people including the Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi, representatives of political parties, civil society and the media.

At the end of the Conference, the house unanimously came up with recommendations addressing issues related to re-hauling of the current electoral process, local body elections and use of money & muscle power, prevalence of black money in politics, political parties under RTI, criminalization of politics, use of Internet and Big Data to reach out to people etc.

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