New Delhi, Sep 25: The Supreme Court said that it would not disqualify lawmakers facing criminal trial. The court however directed the Parliament to make laws to prevent persons with serious criminal charges pending against them from entering the legislature or be part of the law making process. The court observed that corruption and criminalisation of politics is hitting at the roots of democracy and hence the Parliament should take urgent steps to curb this menace.

Statistics available with OneIndia suggest that 1,765 MPs and MLAs are facing criminal trial. In all there are 3,045 cases registered against all these lawmakers.

1,765 lawmakers are facing criminal trial

The total strength of the lawmakers in the Parliament and assemblies is 4,896 of which 1,765 or 36 per cent are facing criminal trial. The total number of cases registered against them is 3,045.

The lawmakers with the highest number of cases has been reported from Uttar Pradesh. Second on the list is Tamil Nadu followed by Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

Data provided by the Association for Democratic Reforms states that 1,581 cases were pending against the lawmakers after the 2014 elections. The Centre had then framed a scheme to set up fast-track courts across the country to try these cases.

The Centre said that two such courts are to be set up in Delhi to handle cases against the 228 MPs and the other ten courts would come up in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, UP and West Bengal. The decision to set up courts in these places was taken on the basis that there were 65 or more lawmakers facing criminal trial in these states.

Statewise statistics:

  MP/MLAs facing criminal trials Number of pending cases:
Uttar Pradesh 248 539
Tamil Nadu 178 324
Bihar 144 306
West Bengal 139 303
Andhra Pradesh 132 140
Kerala 114 373
Delhi 84 118
Karnataka 82 137
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