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One-liner: A report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said that a total of 167 candidates, out of the 788 contesting the 89 seats in the first phase of Gujarat Assembly election, have criminal cases against them, with 100 of them facing serious charges like murder and rape.

Zoom in: With this, 21% of the candidates in the fray have criminal cases against them, while 13% are facing serious charges.

AAP tops the list: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), which is contesting 88 seats out of the total 89, tops this list among major political parties in the fray with 36% of its candidates having criminal cases. 

  • 30% of its candidates are facing serious cases such as murder, rape, assault, and kidnapping, among others, the ADR said in its report. The number of candidates having criminal cases fielded by the AAP is 32

AAP followed by Congres: AAP is followed by the Congress, which has fielded 35% of its candidates with criminal cases. 

  • 20% of such candidates are facing serious cases
  • The party is contesting all 89 seats in the first phase and the number of candidates with criminal cases fielded by it is 31

BJP's candidates: BJP has fielded 14 candidates with criminal records. They account for 16% of its total number and 12% are facing serious charges.

BTP's candidates: The Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP), which is contesting 14 seats in the first phase, has four candidates (29%) with declared criminal cases. 

  • A total of 7% of its candidates have serious criminal cases this time

Bottom line: As per the Election Commission's directions in compliance with the Supreme Court order dated Sept 25, 2018, it is mandatory for all political parties to upload on its website the information on pending criminal cases and reasons for the selection of such candidates.

  • The information is also required to be published in a local and a national daily and uploaded on official social media platforms
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