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According to a report published yesterday, the primaries of 38 MLAs and 31 MLAs in Mizoram’s re-contest increased by 33 percent to 209 percent.Report, 2023 Mizoram Legislative Election re-contest published by Democratic Reform Association (ADR) and Mizoram Election Organization, analyzing the statements of 38 MLAs.

“In each race, 38 MLAs (out of 82) and 31 MLA’s (out of 82) primaries increased by 3 percent and 209 percent and whereas in the same MLA (out of 18) cases, they fell by 12 percent and 48 percent. cent.” cent,” she said.

The report, which was divided by various parties including independents in 2018, revealed that the average wealth of the 38 MLAs in the re-contest was Rs 4.90 billion.

“The average income of 38 MLAs for re-election in 2023 is Rs 5.34 billion,” he said.

The report revealed that the average salary increase for the 38 MLAs contesting again between 2018 and 2023 Mizoram Assembly elections was Rs 43.36 lakh.

The report noted, “The average growth in voters for the 38 MLAs in each race was nine percent.”

Report Dr. MNF’s R. Lalthangliana from South Tuipui (ST) constituency announced the maximum increase in population by Rs 6.41 billion.

According to the report, the revenue generated in 2018 was Rs 7.49 billion, which will increase to Rs 13.90 billion by 2023.

The figures of Zoram Halk Hareketi’nden (ZPM) Lalchuanthanga in Aizawl South-II (ST) constituency increased from 12.94 billion rupees in 2018 to 16.84 billion rupees in 2023.

It was also noted that MNF’s H. Biakzaua’s income in Lawngtlai Doğu (ST) constituency increased from 1.78 billion rupees in 2018 to 4.52 billion rupees in 2023 and increased to 2.73 billion rupees.

The report showed that the average wealth of the 26 MLAs in the ruling MNF’s re-contest increased by 8.1 percent to 5.09 billion rupees and 5.5 billion rupees.

ZPM’s re-contest showed an average increase of 30.6 per cent in the income of 6 MLAs from Rs 3.88 billion to Rs 5.08 billion.

Similarly, the average decline in the income of four Congress MLAs in the re-contest came to Rs 5.08 billion from Rs 6.08 billion.

Voting for the 40-member assembly will be held on November 7 and the number of votes will be held on December 3.

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