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The Association of Democratic Reform (ADR) has released a report emphasising an increase in funding for the Indian regional parties from unknown sources.

The income of regional political parties from unknown sources in the financial year 2021-22 amounted to Rs 887.55 crore. This marks a significant rise in the parties’ income from undisclosed sources compared to 2020-21 when regional parties’ total income was Rs 530.70 crore, of which Rs 263.93 crore, or 49.73 per cent, came from unknown sources.

According to the ADR, such unidentified sources include donations through electoral bonds, coupon sales, relief money, miscellaneous income, voluntary contributions, and contributions from meetings or morchas.

Donor information for such voluntary contributions is not publicly available. According to the ADR, political parties’ total money from unknown sources amounts to Rs 887.55 crore, or 76.15 per cent of their overall earnings.

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