Around 9% candidates (101) in Punjab election fray have declared that there are criminal cases pending against them. Of these candidates, 7% are facing criminal cases that are serious in nature.

At 12%, Congress has the most number of candidates facing criminal charges. Six candidates have declared in their affidavits that they have cases related to crime against women. A report prepared by Association of Democratic Reforms has also flagged "red alert constituencies" which have three or more candidates with declared criminal cases. There are six such seats. There are 9 (8%) Congress candidates with serious criminal cases, 8 (9%) among the Akalis and 9 (8%) in AAP.

Only 7 % (81) women candidates are contesting the election this time. There are 1,063 men and 81 women candidates and there is only one third gender.

There are 71 candidates aged between 25 and 30, and 253 in the 31 to 40 year bracket. There are also 35 candidates aged from 71 to 80 years. Where 56% of candidates are aged between 25 and 50 years, 43% are between 51 and 80 years.

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