Haraprasad Das

As many as 972 of 6,043 candidates, who have contested parliamentary and state elections in Gujarat since 2004, faced criminal cases, the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said in a report based on an analysis of their affidavits. A total of 511 of them faced serious criminal cases.

The analysis released on Monday said 191 of 685 lawmakers in the state since 2004 faced criminal cases and 109 serious ones. The average assets of the candidates were ₹1.71 crore and that of lawmakers ₹5.99 crore. The average assets of candidates with criminal cases were ₹3.81 crore and those with serious ones ₹5.34 crore.

The average assets of lawmakers with criminal cases were ₹8.96 crore and with serious ones ₹11.42 crore.

As many as 162 candidates with criminal cases contested elections on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), 212 on Congress, 65 on Bahujan Samaj Party tickets, seven on Aam Aadmi Party, and 37 on Gujarat Parivartan Party tickets since 2004. Around 291 independent candidates, who have contested elections since 2004, faced criminal cases. As many as 102 BJP, 80 Congress and three independent lawmakers faced serious criminal cases.

A total of 5,071 candidates and 494 lawmakers since 2004 did not face any criminal cases. As many as 1,636 candidates have been graduates or above, 4,777 12th pass and below, and 130 diploma holders. A total of 300 lawmakers have been graduates and above degrees, 358 12th pass or below, and 27 diploma holders.

The analysis found only 383 candidates have been women, of which, 21 faced criminal cases. There have been 63 women lawmakers in Gujarat since 2004.

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