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NEW DELHI: After a stunning performance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Delhi, the BJP slumped to under 10 seats yet again in the Assembly elections on Tuesday. According to experts, the election result is a sign that the people vote for assembly elections on local issues and differently in national elections. The difference was starkly visible in the 2020 Assembly polls. 

According to vote share data, the BJP, based on its 2019 Lok Sabha performance, was ahead in 65 of the 70 seats with the Congress ahead in the remaining five.

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“The result today, if anything was to be based on the Lok Sabha polls, should have been a tighter contest. But it was nothing like that. The AAP campaigning on local issues and BJP harping on nationalism and Shaheen Bagh worked in Kejriwal’s favour,” a political researcher from Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) said.

According to data, the BJP’s vote share in almost all of the 70 segments was close to 55 per cent. In 2020, the overall vote share hovered just below 40 per cent.

“In the previous elections, when there was an AAP wave, the BJP did not fare very bad. It had close to 33 per cent vote share but it could not translate into seats. Even this time the difference between the vote shares of AAP and BJP was not greatly different. The AAP, in terms of vote share, came third in the Lok Sabha elections,” a researcher at the PRS said.

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