The ruling BJP at the Center is the richest party of all political parties.The BJP has Declared assets worth Rs 4,847 crore for the 2019-20 financial year.

The Bahujan Samaj Party is the second richest political party after the BJP.The figures were released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), which is working towards electoral reform.

The Association for Democratic Reforms has prepared this report based on an analysis of the assets and liabilities of national and regional parties in 2019-20.According to the ADR, seven national and 44 regional parties had Declared assets of Rs 9,117.95 crore for the financial year out of a total of 51 parties.Of this, the assets of national parties are worth Rs 6,988.57 crore.The assets of regional parties are worth Rs 2,129.38 crore.The Congress, the oldest political party, Declared assets of Rs 588.16 crore.It accounts for 8.42 per cent of the total assets of the national parties.

Among the regional parties, the Samajwadi Party has Declared maximum assets of Rs 563.47 crore, TRS Rs 301.47 crore and Aiadmk Rs 267.61 crore under the FDR and Fixed Deposit categories.BSP, which ranks second in the country in terms of assets, does not owe a single rupee.

Congress, which ranks third in assets, ranks first in debts.While the party has debts of Rs 49.55 crore, the Telugu Desam Party is in second place with debts of Rs 30 crore.While TRS has a debt of Rs 4 crore, YCP has not announced the debt.Seven national parties owe Rs 74.27 crore and 44 regional parties owe Rs 60.66 crore.– Assests Of The Political Parties Declared! BJP Tops The Chart! 

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