As many as 36 percent Thursday’s winners – that is, 294 fresh MLAs across five states from the 812 whose affidavits were analyses – have self-declared criminal cases pending against them, says the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW). As many as 176 of them faces serious charges, like those of murder and attempt to murder charges. While Kerala has the maximum percentage (62%) of MLAs with declared criminal cases against them, it is West Bengal that has the maximum proportion (32%) of MLAs with declared serious criminal cases against them.

              ADR, a nationwide campaign comprising more than 1,200 NGOs and other citizen-led organisations, has been working on electoral reforms, improving democracy and governance in India. NEW groups in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, West Bengal and Puducherry analysed the affidavits of 812 MLAs elected in the latest elections. Ten MLAs were not part of the analysis – nine from Tamil Nadu, whose affidavits available in public domain were badly scanned, and one from West Bengal whose affidavit was not legible. Polls have been postponed in two constituencies in Tamil Nadu.

Among other findings about the new legislators: * A total of 428 MLAs (53% of the total analyzed) are crorepatis.

                                                                              * Puducherry has the maximum percentage (83%) of crorepati MLAs, followed by Tamil Nadu (76%).

                                                                             * A total of 186 MLAs (23%) have declared that they have never filed income tax returns.

                                                                             * Kerala has the maximum percentage (60%) of MLAs who have not filed income tax returns, followed by West Bengal (20%).

                                                                             * 49 MLAs have not even given their PAN details.

                                                                             * Puducherry has the highest average assets (Rs 13.45 crore) of MLAs followed by Tamil Nadu (Rs 8.21 crore) and Kerala (Rs 2.82 crore).

                                                                             * Only 9% of the new MLAs are women. West Bengal has 40 out of 293 (14%) women MLAs, followed by Puducherry with 4 of 30 (13%).

                                                                             * There are 19 MLAs with PhD – ten in West Bengal, and five in Tamil Nadu.

                                                                             * 11% of the MLAs are in the age group of 40 years and below.

                                                                             * 5 MLAs are above 80 years of age.   

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