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BJP forms 76.7% of the total income of 6 national parties during FY23; spent ₹1,361.7 cr on election, general propaganda, administrative costs

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has shown the highest income among the national parties in India at ₹2,360.8 crore earned via different sources during FY 2022-23, according to the latest data by think tank Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This forms 76.7% of the total income of six national parties during FY23.

Congress, on the other hand, declared the second-highest income of ₹452.4 cr in FY23, which forms 14.70% of income of the 6 national parties -- BJP, Congress, CPI(M), AAP, BSP and NPEP. Their income has been compiled from the income from various sources across India, as submitted in annual audit reports to the Election Commission of India.

Of the BJP's total declared income worth ₹2,360.8 crore in FY23, it spent only 57.68% i.e. ₹1,361.7 crore. The Congress, from its ₹452.4 crore in income FY23, spent ₹467.2 crore, exceeding its expenditure by 3.26%.

CPI(M)’s income stood at ₹141.6 crore, while the party spent ₹106.06 crore, 74.87%. AAP’s total income was ₹85.17 crore and spent ₹102.1 crore. Arvind Kejriwal-led party's expenditure for that year exceeds its total income by 19.82%.

Six national parties collectively declared a total income of ₹3,076.9 crore, collected from all over India. NPEP declared the least income of ₹7.52 crore, which forms a mere 0.25% of the income of six parties in the year.

As compared to FY 2021-22, the income of BJP increased by 23.15% or ₹443.7 crore from ₹1,917.12 crore. The income of NPEP increased 1502.12% (₹7.09 crore) from ₹47.20 lakh during FY22 and AAP's income surged 91.23% (₹40.631 crore) from ₹44.5 cr during FY22. Three parties, INC, CPI(M) and BSP, saw their income decrease by 16.42% (₹88.90 cr), 12.6% (₹20.5 cr) and 33.14% (₹14.5 cr), respectively.

The national parties declared donations or contributions as one of their 3 main sources of income. The parties that received the highest income from donations include BJP (₹2,120 crore), INC (₹268.6 crore), AAP (₹84.3 crore), CPI(M) (₹63.7 cr) and NPEP (₹7.5cr).

The collection by issuing coupons of ₹125.7 crore declared by INC forms 27.80% of its total income during FY 2022-23.

In terms of expenditure, the BJP spent most funds towards election or general propaganda at ₹1,092.1 crore, followed by expenses towards administrative costs, ₹191.4 crore.

The Congress spent ₹235.8 crore on administrative and general expenses, and ₹192.5 crore on election expenditures. AAP spent ₹58.8 cr on propaganda expenses, followed ₹36.3 crore on election expenditure.

CPI(M) and BSP have incurred the maximum spending on administrative and general expenses of ₹55.5 crore and ₹16.3 crore, respectively. NPEP spent 95.54% (₹6.6cr) on election expenditure in FY23.

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