The BJP has more assets than any other national party in the country. The onus is more on Congress. The Samajwadi Party is the richest of the regional parties. These are the figures released by the Delhi-based Association of Democratic Reforms for the year 2018-19.

The BJP owns more than half of the total assets of the seven national parties. The total assets of the seven national parties are Rs 5,349.25 crore. The assets of 41 regional parties stood at Rs 2,023.71 crore. The BJP has assets worth Rs 2,904.18 crore. The BJP owns 54.29 per cent of the total national parties.

The Congress has assets worth Rs 928.84 crore, the BSP Rs 738 crore, the CPM Rs 510.71 crore and the CPA Rs 25.32 crore. Among the regional parties, the Samajwadi Party is the richest with 572.21 crore. National parties owe Rs 133.48 crore and regional parties Rs 79.751 crore.

The Congress has more responsibility in the national parties and the TDP in the regional parties. The Congress owes Rs 78,415 crore and the TDP Rs 18.10 crore. The BJP has a liability of Rs 37.463 crore

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