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The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking to direct the Election Commission of India to publish the authenticated data of votes polled immediately.

ADR stated that in the ongoing Lok Sabah elections, the ECI published the voter turnout data of the phases after several days. The data regarding the first phase of polling held on April 19 was published after 11 days and the second phase of polling held on April 26 was published after 4 days. Also, there was a variation of over 5% in the final voter turnout data from the initial data released on the polling day.

"The data as published by the ECI in its press release dated April 30, 2024 shows a sharp increase (by about 5-6%)as compared to the initial percentages announced by ECI as of 7 PM on the day of polling. It is submitted that the inordinate delay in the release of final voter turnout data, coupled with the unusually high revision (of over 5%) in the ECI's press note of April 30, 2024, and the absence of disaggregated constituency and polling station figures in absolute numbers, has raised concerns and public suspicion regarding the correctness of the said data," stated the application filed through Advocate Prashant Bhushan.

ADR stated that the ECI's refusal to release the absolute number of votes polled, coupled with the "unreasonable delay" in release of votes polled data, has led to apprehensions in the mind of the electorate about the sharp increase between initial data and data released on 30.04.2024.

"These apprehensions must be addressed and put to rest. In order to uphold the voter's confidence it is necessary that the ECI be directed to disclose on its website scanned legible copies of Form 17C Part- I (Account of Votes Recorded) of all polling stations which contains the authenticated figures for votes polled, within 48 hours of the close of polling," the application stated.

The application has been moved as an Interlocutory Application in the writ petition filed by ADR in 2019 alleging discrepancies in the voter turn out data regarding the 2019 General Elections.

ADR seeks to direct the ECI to :

Immediately upload on its website scanned legible copies of Form 17C Part-I (Account of Votes Recorded)of all polling stations after close of polling of each phase in the on-going 2024 Lok Sabha elections;

Provide tabulated polling station-wise data in absolute figures of the number of votes polled as recorded in Form 17C Part- I after each phase of polling in the on-going 2024 Lok Sabha elections and also a tabulation of constituency-wise figures of voter turnout in absolute numbers in the on-going 2024 Lok Sabha election;

To upload on its website scanned legible copies of Form 17C Part- II which contains the candidate-wise Result of Counting after the compilation of results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections;

Case : Association for Democratic Reforms v. Union of Inda | WP(c) 1382 OF 2019

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