Goa chief minister Pramod Sawant’s wealth has increased three times since 2017, while the assets of his Uttarakhand counterpart, Pushkar Singh Dhami, has grown nearly seven times in the same time period, show two reports by Association for Democratic Reforms.

Sawant, who is serving as the CM of Goa since 2019, has become richer by Rs 6.58 crore. Dhami, meanwhile, has been the CM for only seven months and become richer by Rs 2.85 crore, show the reports.

The ADR and the Uttarakhand Election Watch have analysed self-sworn affidavits of 51 MLAs who are contesting again in the upcoming Uttarakhand assembly polls, which will be held on February 14. According to one of the reports, assets of all 51 MLAs have increased, ranging from as low as 3 per cent to a whopping 740 per cent.

In the other report, ADR and Goa Election Watch have analysed self-sworn affidavits of 37 MLAs contesting again in the upcoming Goa assembly polls, also scheduled for February 14. Of them, the assets of 35 MLAs have increased ranging from 2 per cent to 236 per cent.


“Average assets of these 37 re-contesting MLAs fielded by various parties, including independents, in 2017 was Rs 10.24 crore. Their average assets in 2022 is Rs 16.77 crore,” states the report on Goa MLAs. Further, average asset growth for these 37 re-contesting MLAs, between 2017 and 2022, is 64 per cent (Rs 6.53 crore).

The BJP, which is ruling in Goa, has fielded 22 sitting MLAs again. Average increase in their assets is of Rs 5.79 crore.

Michael Vincent Lobo, who was a BJP MLA from Calangute constituency until last month, has declared a maximum increase of Rs 38.31 crore in his assets — from Rs 54.59 crore in 2017 to Rs 92.91 crore in 2022. Lobo, who was also a member of the Goa cabinet, joined the Congress in January.

The assets of the BJP’s Atanasio Monserrate from Panaji constituency have increased by Rs 26.87 crore — from Rs 21.61 crore in 2017 to Rs 48.48 crore in 2022.

The wealth of a lone MLA from Goa Forward Party (GFP), Vijai Sardesai, has increased by Rs 22.40 crore in the last five years — from Rs 14.75 crore in 2017 to Rs 37.16 crore in 2022. He is re-contesting from Fatorda. For the two MLAs from Maharashtrawadi Gomantak party (MGP), average increase in wealth is Rs 7.16 crore, the report states.


In Uttarakhand, average assets of 51 recontesting MLAs from different parties, including independents, in 2017 was Rs 4.72 crore. In 2022, their average assets is Rs 7.05 crore, states the report on Uttarakhand.

“Average asset growth for these 51 recontesting MLAs is Rs 2.33 crore or 49 per cent,” the report states.

Four among the top five recontesting MLAs showing highest increase in assets in terms of rupees are from the BJP. Rekha Arya from Someshwar constituency has declared maximum increase of Rs 12.42 crore in her assets — from Rs 12.78 crore in 2017 to Rs 25.20 crore in 2022.

The assets of Qazi Mohammad Nizamuddin of the Congress from Manglaur constituency have increased by Rs 10.80 crore — from Rs 21.30 crore in 2017 to Rs 32.10 crore in 2022. Further, the assets of Pradeep Batra of the BJP from Roorkee constituency have risen by Rs 8.25 crores and that of Satpal Maharaj from the saffron party has increased by Rs 7.08 crore.

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