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In this election season, the Association for Democratic Reforms--a non-political group aiming at governmental and electoral reforms--has started a new campaign-- Hum Badlenge Apna Bharat (We will change our Bharat)--by asking the youths of India to participate in the democratic process and clean the filth from politics. "To mobilise the masses to get involved in pressurising politicians to deliver good governance, the ADR has planned to take its advocacy to another level with its--Hum Badlenge Apna Bharat Campaign--an initiative to engage youths in strengthening our democracy," stated a press release issued by the ADR. In its latest campaign, the ADR is reaching out to youths to clean up politics The ADR has planned several workshops and seminars across the country--targetting the youngsters studying in schools and colleges. "As a part of this programme, we want to hold workshops across the country to educate school and college students about the critical connection between informed voting and good governance. Students are the future voters, thus it is necessary to make them understand, why they should take their 'Right to Vote' seriously. They need to realise that how the kind of representatives they will chose, would decide what kind of future they have--Progressive or Regressive," added the ADR's press release.

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