NEW DELHI: More than 40% voters consider distribution of cash, liquor and freebiesas an important factor behind voting for a particular candidate, a recent survey conducted by NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) across 534 parliamentary constituencies has found.

The survey, covering over 2.73 lakh voters interviewed between October and December 2018, also found that 36.67 per cent of the respondents felt that people vote for candidates with criminal background because they are unaware of their respective criminal records. Around 35.89 per cent voters are also willing to vote for a candidate with criminal record if the candidate has done good work in the past.

While 97.86% voters felt that candidates with criminal background should not be in Parliament or State Assembly, only 35.20% voters knew that they could get information on criminal records of the candidates.

As per All India Survey 2018, 75.11 per cent voters disclosed that CM candidate was the most important reason behind voting for a particular candidate, followed by candidate’s party (71.32 per cent) and the candidate (68.03 per cent) himself/herself.

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