How much donations get to political parties, where do they get, who gives them, these are the questions which become the subject of controversy. But Association for Democratic Reforms i.e. the report of AdR works to bring transparency. Once again, important information has been shared by the ADR by taking donations of political parties. It has been told that this time the BJP has got the highest donation through the Electoral Trust, while the Congress donation is less than the Aam Aadmi Party and the Samajwadi Party. According to the data, BJP has a donation of 351.50 crores according to data. have been found. The total donation that has been received by all parties, it sits 487.09 crores. In such a situation, 72% has been donated in BJP's account alone. Talking about the Congress, it has received only Rs 18.44 crore in donation this year, more than 27 crores and Aam Aadmi Party has got 21.12 crore than that. TRS has received donations of 40 crores this year, while YSR Congress has got 20 crores. Among other parties, Akali has got 7 crores, Punjab Lok Congress Party has got 1 crore, Goa Forward Port and DMK has got 50 lakhs.

Now these figures now show that the BJP has got the donation that BJP has received, 9 seconds It is two and a half times more than parties. At the same time, BJP has got 19 percent more donations than Congress alone. It has also been clear from the ADR report that 99.99 percent of the donation received by the Electoral Trust was divided into all parties. The report also shows that the most donations to the parties have been given by Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd. This company has given a donation of Rs 70 crore, Acrelor Mittal Design on the second number, which has given 60 crores donations. Bharti Airtel has also given a donation of Rs 51 crore to parties. For information, let us know that the Electoral Trust is an organization that gets donations from corporates and other companies, then it works to divide the donation into parties.

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