Mumbai, Dec 17 (PTI) About eight per cent of the candidates --analysed by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Maharashtra Election Watch (MEW)-- who are contesting the third phase of elections to the Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayats in four districts of Maharashtra, are crorepatis. Local bodies elections will be held for 342 seats in Aurangabad, Nanded, Bhandara and Gadchiroli districts tomorrow. Screening of self-sworn affidavits (done by both these non-government bodies) of 1142 candidates out of the 1623 who are contesting the third phase of 20 Municipal Councils and two Nagar Panchayats across the state, have shown that 90 (8% of 1142) are crorepatis. Due to unavailability of some affidavits, ADR could not analyse candidates contesting for Municipal Councils of Vaijapur, Gangapur (both Aurangabad district), Kandhar (Nanded district) and Nagar Panchayats of Ardhapur & Mahoor (both Nanded district). The average assets per candidate analysed for this election, is Rs 31.97 lakhs, for these four districts. The candidate with highest declared total assets is Ganesh Jaikisan Fafat who is contesting from Desaiganj Municipal Council (Gadchiroli), with assets worth Rs 6 crore plus. There are 264 (excluding one zero asset) candidates who declared assets below Rs 2 lakhs. The candidate with highest declared total liabilities is also Fafat with liabilities of Rs 1.55 crores. Agewise, about 69 candidates have declared to be between 21 to 24 years; 175 candidates between 25 to 30 years, 349 candidates between 31 to 40 years; 333 candidates are between 41 to 50 years; 154 candidates have declared their age to be between 51 to 60 years, 57 candidates are between 61 to 70 years while five candidates had declared their age to be between 71 to 80 years. Out of total 1142 analysed candidates, 578 (51%) are men whereas 564 (49%) are women. (MORE) PTI MR DK DK SDM

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