Political parties may talk about clean and corruption-free politics, but all that talk is just hot air when elections are around the corner. Delhi will hold its Municipal Corporation Elections on 23 April. A total of 2,315 candidates will battle it out this election, and 173 have criminal cases lodged against them.

Of these, 116 candidates have heinous charges like rape, abduction and attempted murder levelled against them.

These charges have been disclosed by the Association for Democratic Reform (ADR), based on the affidavits filed by the candidates upon nomination. According to the ADR, 173 candidates have criminal cases pending against them – that is 7 percent of the pool.

Along with the criminal charges, the ADR report also contains details of asset disclosures made by the candidates. Of the 2,315 candidates, 657 candidates are crorepatis, making up 30 percent of all the candidates. 

Which Party Has the Most Number of Candidates With Criminal Cases?

The Congress party houses the maximum number of criminal candidates, with 14 percent of their candidates having cases against them. The BJP has 10 percent, the AAP has 7 percent and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has 8 percent of their candidates facing criminal charges.

Now Let's Look at the Crorepati Candidates

Sixty four percent of the candidates fielded by the Congress, or 163 out of 256 candidates, are crorepatis. Similarly, the BJP’s 260 candidates include 141 crorepatis, which is 54 percent, and the AAP’s 250 candidates include 104 crorepatis, which is 42 percent of total.

Who Is the Richest Candidate?

South Delhi independent candidate Geeta Yadav is the richest, with her assets amounting to over Rs 82 crore. The second-richest is the Congress’ North Delhi candidate Mohammed Usman. 

The MCD election has 74 candidates whose assets amount to over Rs 10 crore. Similarly, 106 candidates have assets worth between Rs 5 crore and Rs 10 crore.

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