Data submitted by the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party to the Election Commission and income tax department has raised eyebrows among electoral reforms activists. According to data received through the Right to Information Act, unlike other parties, the MGP has not submitted PAN details of any of their donors.

The party has not declared donors' addresses, PAN and complete mode of contributions details in its donations statement for FY-2014-15.

Worryingly, the report, prepared by Association for Democratic Reforms, from data obtained under RTI, shows that 30 deposits worth Rs 40,000 each were made over three days in March 2012 with the same bank, Bank of Maharastra. But it does not mention whether the donations were made in cash or through cheque.

MGP has declared a total income of Rs 1.81 crore through donations of Rs 20,000 and above between FY-2010-11 and 2014-15. Unlike other parties who have shown income through bank interest, membership and other means, MGP is the odd one out having declared 100% of its income from donations received.

The Pandurang Dhavalikar alias Deepak-led party has declared a maximum expenditure of Rs 66 lakh on meeting and function expenses.

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