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Madhuri Adnal

As the people of Mizoram prepare to exercise their voting rights on November 7, political parties have been actively campaigning to secure the majority of votes.

As the election date approaches, it's interesting to examine the financial status of the candidates in the running. In terms of wealth distribution, 25.86 percent of the candidates in Mizoram possess assets exceeding Rs 5 crore, while 13.22 percent have assets totaling less than 10 lakh.

Leading the list of the wealthiest candidates is J B Rualchhinga Lawngtlai from the BJP, competing in the Lawngtlai West (ST) constituency. His total assets amount to a staggering Rs 90,32,89,532, with a significant portion of Rs 90,07,27,860 in immovable assets and Rs 25,61,672 in movable assets.

Following closely is R Vanlaltluanga, a Congress candidate running for the Serchhip (ST) seat, with a total asset worth of Rs 55,63,93,721. The third richest candidate vying in the Mizoram Assembly election is H Ginzalala, representing the Champhai North (ST) constituency as a Zoram People's Movement candidate. Ginzalala's declared assets amount to Rs 36,09,52,042, with Rs 18,90,00,000 in immovable assets and Rs 17,19,52,042 in movable assets.

Conversely, the candidate with the least wealth in the competition is Ramhlun-Edena, who is running independently in the Serchhip (ST) constituency, where he will face off against the second richest candidate, R Vanlaltluanga. Edena's total assets are valued at a mere Rs 1,500. Vl Nghaka ranks as the second poorest candidate with total assets worth Rs 6,742. In the Aizawl East-II (ST) constituency, Lalhmachhuani, also an independent candidate, holds the title of the third poorest candidate with assets worth Rs 10,000. Notably, all three of these candidates are running independently.

Out of the 174 candidates analyzed by the ADR, 114 are classified as crorepatis, constituting 66 percent of the total, a decrease from the 116 crorepatis out of 209 in the 2018 elections. Among the political parties participating in this year's Assembly elections, 90 percent of MNF's candidates are crorepatis, followed by 83 percent from INC, 73 percent from Zoram People's Movement, 39 percent from BJP, and 1 percent from AAP.

J B Rualchhinga Lawngtlai
Party: BJP
Constituency: Lawngtlai West (ST)
Total Assets: 90,32,89,532 INR

R Vanlaltluanga
Party: Congress
Constituency: Serchhip (ST)
Total Assets: 55,63,93,721 INR

H Ginzalala
Party: Zoram People's Movement
Constituency: Champhai North (ST)
Total Assets: 36,09,52,042 INR

Party: Independent
Constituency: Serchhip (ST)
Total Assets: 1,500 INR

Vl Nghaka
Party: Independent
Constituency: Serlui (ST)
Total Assets: 6,742 INR

Party: Independent
Constituency: Aizawl East-II (ST)
Total Assets: 10,000 INR

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