The highest number of questions asked in the 14th legislative assembly, which completes its five-year tenure this December, were related to education, medical and health, and public works departments, according to a report.

The report released Monday by the Election Watch and the (ADR) also said that 95 per cent of the bills tabled in the Assembly were passed.

It said that the top five members in terms of attendance in the House were from the 

Questions asked in the House related to the education department were 3,325, followed by medical and health department (2,970) and public works department (2,965), the report said.

The least number of questions, 1,472, were related to the urban development and housing department, it said.

The report was prepared on the basis of replies of RTIs, pertaining to the performance of the MLAs, filed with the legislative assembly secretariat, Kamal Tak, the of the Election Watch said here Monday.

The Assembly had 11 sessions and on an average, the state sat for 28 days per year, with total number of sitting being 139, Tak said.

He said the top five MLAs with highest number of attendance were from the ruling BJP. The highest attendance of 99 per cent was of BJP's Jhabar Singh Kharra, he added.

Referring to the report, Tak said 152 bills were tabled in the Assembly and 145 of them (95 per cent) were passed.

Eighty-five bills (59 per cent) passed within a week after they were tabled in the Assembly while 29 bills (20 per cent) passed within 15 days of tabling, he said.

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