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Gorantla madhav, a Hindupur MP, finally arrived in AP. The Kuraba neighbourhood gave him a warm welcome. His purported naked video crossed political lines and became ingrained in the local culture. According to Gorantla madhav, Chandrababu's community orchestrated this dispute against him.

The comments made by Anantapur SP Phakeerappa up till this point fueled the fire. The footage, he claimed, might have been modified. Since that time, Gorantla has been making a vigorous push against the TDP. He keeps criticising Chandrababu, abn Radhakrishna, and TV5 Naidu, claiming that they were involved in a plot to discredit him. madhav has been working harder to show that the naked video conspiracy is an effort to target minorities including BCs, SCs, and STs. The Kuraba neighbourhood is now behind him. The main point of contention appears to be that tdp is not being benefited.

Seventy five percent of the members of the andhra pradesh Legislative Council were reported to be millionaires, with telugu desam party MLC nara lokesh topping the list as the richest one among them, according to a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and ap election Watch. Stay tuned for more updates.

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