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Only 9 out of 17 recognised parties submitted their Delhi Election Expenditure Statements for Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013

 BJP only National Party whose expenditure statement is unavailable

  9 Political parties declared an expenditure of Rs 281.27 lakhs during Delhi Elections, 2013

January 15, 2015

This report analyses the funds received and expenditure incurred by Delhi’s major political parties, during the election period of 26 days (09-11-2013 to 04-12-2013).

Details provided in the Election Expenditure Statement

 National Parties: Funds Collected and Expenditure Incurred

  •   National parties considered for the report are INC, BSP, NCP, CPI, and CPM.  The election expenditure statement of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is unavailable for Delhi Assembly elections, 2013. 
  •        During the election period of 26 days (09-11-2013 to 04-12-2013), total funds collected by the National Parties during Delhi Assembly Elections was Rs 94.72 lakhs and total expenditure incurred by the National Parties was Rs 232 lakhs. 

Regional Parties: Funds Collected and Expenditure Incurred 

  • Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was an unrecognized party at the time of Delhi Assembly elections 2013, and was thus not required to submit an account of its election expenditure. However, in aletter to the ECI dated February 22, 2014, AAP had requested for a grace period of 15 days to submit its accounts of expenditure. The ECI has not received AAP’s election expenditure statement as yet. 
  • Of the 12 regional parties which contested in the Delhi assembly elections, only LJP, RLD, SAD and Shiv Sena have submitted their election expenditure statements to the Election Commission.
  • It is to be noted that only Shiv Sena and SAD collected funds amounting to Rs 75.12 lakhs while none of the other regional parties collected funds during Delhi Assembly Elections.
  • SAD is the only regional party to declare expenditure of Rs 49.11 lakhs during Delhi Assembly Elections.


Graph: Funds collected and expenditure incurred by political parties during Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013


Funds collected by parties in Cash and Cheque 

  • The total funds collected by National and regional parties amounted to Rs 169.84 lakhs, of which 55% or Rs 92.79 lakhs was collected by cash, while 45% or Rs 77.05 lakhs was collected by cheque / DD.
  • 100% of the total funds collected by NCP during election period was by cash (Rs 50,000) while 95% (Rs 57.71 lakhs) of funds collected by SAD was by cash.


Graph: Funds collected by political parties during Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013

Expenditure of Political Parties

  • The main heads under which political parties declare their expenses are publicity, travel, other/ miscellaneous expenses and expenditure on candidates.
  • Political parties of Delhi spent 93.09% of their total expenditure on publicity0.09% ontravel expenses and 6.81% on candidates. No expenditure under ‘Other Expenses’ was declared by the parties during the Assembly Elections in 2013.
  • INC spent Rs 158.3 lakhs out of a total expenditure of Rs 172.30 lakhs on publicity which constitutes 91.87% of the total expenditure of the party followed by Rs 14 lakhs on travel (8.13%).
  • SAD and BSP incurred 100% expenditure on publicity. While SAD spent Rs 49 lakhs, BSP incurred an expenditure of Rs 57.98 lakhs on publicity.


Graph: Expenditure of political parties under various heads during Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013

Expenditure of Political Parties on Publicity

  • There are three main items listed under publicity expenditure: expense on media advertisement(print & electronic, bulk sms, cable, website, TV channels) publicity material (hoardings, posters, banners etc.), expenses on public meetings (processions, rallies etc.).
  • Political parties of Delhi collectively spent Rs 199.16 lakhs (or 74.61%) on media advertisement,Rs 30.75 lakhs (or 11.52%) on publicity materials and Rs 37 lakhs (or 13.86%) on public meetings during Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013.
  • INC spent the maximum amount of Rs 150 lakhs on media advertisement followed by Rs 8.25 lakhs on public meetings, while BSP spent Rs 29.22 lakhs on publicity materials and Rs 28.75 on public meetings.


Graph: Expenditure of political parties on publicity during Delhi Assembly Elections, 2013


For details of expenditure incurred by the parties in cash and cheque, details of expenditure incurred by parties on travel expenses, please click here.


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