"As many as 225 sitting Lok Sabha MPs have criminal cases against them, according to an analysis by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR). This constitutes 44 percent of the total sitting MPs in the outgoing Lok Sabha.
The report was released ahead of elections to the 18th Lok Sabha are some top findings of the report:Out of the 514 sitting Lok Sabha MPs analysed, 225(44%) MPs declared criminal cases against themselves. As many as 149 (29%) sitting MPs declared serious criminal cases against them.
Some of these serious cases are related to murder, attempt to murder, communal disharmony, kidnapping and crimes against women READ: Lok Sabha passes 3 criminal code bills with 97 Opposition MPs suspended: 'Punishment would be less if...' | HighlightsA. Murder cases: Nine MPs declared murder cases against them. Out of these, five MPs are from the BJP, one MP each from the Congress, BSP and YSRCP and one MP is an independent, the ADR report said.B. Crimes against Women: 16 sitting MPs declared cases related to crimes against women. Of these, three declared cases related to rape (IPC Section-376).ALSO READ: Around 5,000 criminal cases pending against former, sitting MPs and MLAs: Report3. Party-wise MPs with criminal casesBJP: The ADR report said out of 294 sitting BJP MPs analysed, 118 (40%) declared criminal cases against themselves in their affidavits. As many as 87 MPs (30%) declared serious criminal cases: Out of 46 Congress MPs, 26 (57%) mentioned criminal cases in their affidavits. As many as 14 (30%) declared serious criminal cases: 11 (46%) out of 24 sitting MPs from the DMK declared criminal cases and 7 (29%) declared serious criminal cases: 8 (42%) out of 19 sitting MPs from the TMC declared criminal cases and 4 (21%) declared serious criminal cases(U): 12 (75%) out of 16 MPs from JD(U) declared criminal cases and 8 (50%) declared serious criminal cases: 8 (47%) out of 17 MPs fielded by the YSRCP declared criminal cases and 7 (41%) declared serious criminal cases READ: Malegaon case: Special NIA court asks BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur to appear before it or face actionState-wise MPs with criminal record:As many as 41 (54%) out of 76 MPs from Uttar Pradesh has criminal cases against them, as per their affidavit. Uttar Pradesh is the state with the most number of Lok Sabha seats at 80 Pradesh was followed by Maharashtra where 25 (54%) out of 46 MPs declared criminal cases against them. In West Bengal, 23 (58%) out of 40 MPs had criminal cases against them.

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