More than 45 per cent of the candidates in the Assembly elections of Uttarakhand are non-graduates. The number of total illiterates and barely literate candidates aiming to become representatives of people is six and 26 respectively. 

A report released by the Association For Democratic Reforms (ADR) has shown that when it comes to education, the report card of prospective legislatures is dismal even after 70 years of independence.

 A total of 637 candidates are in fray from 70 assembly constituencies of Uttarakhand. The report reveals that 17 candidates are fifth class pass and 21 candidates are eighth class pass. The number of class X and XII pass candidates is 91 and 97 respectively. The ADR report further informs that 134 prospective legislatures are graduates while 55 are professional graduates. The number of post graduates in the fray is 131 while 20 candidates hold doctoral degrees.

Uttarakhand is one of the states of the country where the literacy level is high as compared with the other states. As per the census of 2011 the literacy level in the state is 79.63 percent. The state has

 The Uttarakhand election watch and the ADR analysed the affidavits submitted by all 637 candidates belonging to 34 political parties and 261 independent candidates. The report shows that 91 candidates have declared criminal cases against them. Interestingly five candidates have declared cases relating to murder while five others have attempt to murder cases on them.

The report reveals that BJP has given more tickets to candidates having criminal cases than Congress. BJP has given party tickets to 19 such candidates while number of candidates with criminal cases having Congress ticket are 17.

The report of ADR and Uttarakhand election watch is available on internet and many youngsters are also reportedly logging on to it.

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