Uttarakhand’s leading folk singer Narendra Negi regularly quips, “Development took place of political leaders, not of the hill state.”

After formation of Uttarakhand, in November 2000, many political leaders have made rapid strides in their individual economic progress. 

A study of the Uttarakhand Election Watch (UKEW) and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), based on information disclosed in their affidavit, too indicates this. 

Making a comparison study of details submitted by 60 MLAs, who won in 2012 Uttarakhand assembly election and are re-contesting this time, the ADR observation shows average asset growth of over Rs 1.77 crore of each individual. The average percentage increase in assets for these 60 re-contesting MLAs is a mind-boggling 96 per cent.

The average assets in 2012 elections, of these 60 re-contesting MLAs from various parties including independent MLAs was Rs.1.85 crore (Rs 1,85,41,331), which has increased to Rs 3.62 crore (Rs.3,62,66,619) this time.

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