Jaya Bachchan, recently filed her nomination as an SP candidate for the Rajya Sabha polls and declared assets worth Rs 1,000 crore. Together with her husband, Amitabh Bachchan, she declared immovable assets worth over Rs 460 crore, and movable assets valued at Rs 540 crore. This could put her above BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ravindra Kishore Sinha who declared assets worth Rs 857 crore in 2014.

Now this gives us an opportunity to dig more aboutthe assets trends of our lawmakers. Business Today sourced information about as many as 223 sitting Rajya Sabha MPs from the Association for Democratic Reforms. This does not include the current details of the 58 Rajya Sabha MPs, who will be retiring in 2018. The information is based on the affidavits submitted prior to the last elections.

Wealthy Parliamentarians: Around 85 per cent of our Rajya Sabha MPs are crorepatis.

The 100-crore club: Uttar Pradesh houses the maximum number of Rajya Sabha MPs with total assets above 100 crore.

Oh so poor?: Only 5 MPs of the total 223 have total assets below Rs 10 lakh.

Power of Palm: The Congress Party had the highest proportion of crorepati MPs.

Figures are share of crorepati MPs of each party in the total number of crorepati MPs of Rajya Sabha. 

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