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 Samajwadi Party, AIADMK, All India Forward Bloc and the Shiv Sena are the only major regional parties that show a steady increase in their annual declared assets. The total assets of AIADMK between financial year 2011-12 and 2015-16 increased by 155% (Rs 88 crore to Rs 225 crore) while that of Shiv Sena increased from about Rs 21 crore to over Rs 39 crore (92%). The figures were released by transparency watchdog Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) in its analysis of the report on assets and liabilities filed by the parties to the Election Commission of India.

The report by ADR was accompanied by another report on the trend of NOTA in the past five years since its introduction in 2013. It found that NOTA has secured the highest percentage of votes in Naxalite-affected constituencies of Chhattisgarh.

It also found that in the last five years, NOTA has secured 1.3 crore votes in state assemblies and Lok Sabha elections combined. During this period, on an average NOTA secured 2.7 lakh votes in the state assembly elections.
ADR’s report on assets and liabilities found that during FY 2011-12, the declared asset of SP was Rs 213 crore which increased by 198% to Rs 635 crore during FY 2015-16. The ADR report says that while YSR Congress was registered in March, 2011 and AAP in November, 2012, the average assets declared by the these two parties during FY 2012-13 was just over Rs 1 crore which increased to Rs 3.7 crore during FY- 2015-16.

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