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The average assets of 60 re-contesting MLAs in Uttarakhand have jumped by over Rs 1.77 crore in last five years, says a latest report. 

The average assets of 60 re-contesting MLAs from various parties including independent MLAs in 2012 was Rs 1.85 crore (Rs 1,85,41,331), while in 2017 it stands at Rs 3.62 crore (Rs 3,62,66,619), a report by Delhi-based think-tank Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) said today. 
"The average assets of these 60 re-contesting MLAs, between Uttarakhand elections of 2012 and 2017 has increased by Rs 1.77 crore (Rs 1,77,25,289). The average percentage increase in assets for these re-contesting MLAs is 96 per cent," it added. 

Shailendra Mohan Singhal of BJP witnessed the highest growth in assets from 2012 to 2017, an increase by over Rs 32 crore, followed by Nav Prabhat from INC (over Rs 6 crore) and Rekha Arya also from BJP (over Rs 6 crore), ADR said. 
Chief Minister Harish Chandra Singh Rawat's asset saw an increase of over Rs one crore from 2012 to 2017, it added. 

BJP's 29 MLAs average asset increased by over Rs 2 crore, while INC's 28 MLAs by more than Rs one crore. 
Uttarakhand Election Watch (UKEW) and ADR have analysed the affidavits of 60 MLAs re-contesting in the 2017 Uttarakhand assembly elections. 

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