The JMM's vote share in the just-concluded Jharkhand Assembly polls slumped to 18.72 per cent despite the party winning 30 of the 81 seats in the state.

The JMM had won 19 seats in the 2014 state polls with a vote share of 20.43 per cent. This time the party bagged 30 seats but its vote share came down.

Similarly, though the BJP had won 37 seats in the 2014 Assembly polls which plummeted to 25 this time, its vote share has risen from 31.26 per cent to 33.37 per cent this time.

The Congress improved both its tally and vote share, winning 16 seats (up from nine in 2014) and registering a vote share of 13.88 per cent (up from 10.46 per cent).

Sudhir Pal, coordinator of the Jharkhand chapter of the Association for Democratic Reforms, said the difference between vote share and tally depends on how many seats the party contested. ”The BJP had in 2014 contested 74 seats as it had an alliance with the Ajsu Party and the LJP while this time it contested 79 seats leading to a difference in the percentage of vote share. While the JMM had contested all the seats in 2014, it fielded nominees in only 43 seats this time following its alliance with the Congress and the RJD, resulting in the shrinking of vote share.”

In the 2009 Assembly polls, the BJP and the JMM had won 18 seats each with a vote share of 20.18 per cent and 15.2 per cent respectively.

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