Election watchdog Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) on Monday brought out its report on donations made to political parties in Gujarat between 2011 and 2016. The ADR report reveals that the BJP received the highest donations from Gujarat, totalling Rs 80.45 crores from 2,186 donors.

However, 88.69% of BJP donations were received from corporates/business houses in Gujarat amounting to Rs 71.35 crore. The second highest donations were received by the Congress Rs 14.09 crores from 53 donations.

The report also claims that BJP received the highest amount of donations worth Rs 10.18crore from donations without PAN details. While the Congress received Rs 8.47crore from donations without PAN details. Of all years studied, both the BJP and the Congress received the highest donations of Rs 45.33 cr from Gujarat alone during 2012-13. Interestingly 100% of NCP donations were from corporate bodies in Gujarat.

The BJP not only received the highest amount of cash, but it also formed the highest 10.04% of the total donations received by all parties from across the country.


The net amount of donations that BJP received in Gujarat according to ADR was 471% higher than total donations collected by all national parties in the state.

The report points out that the Congress received Rs 13.57 crore or 96.31% of its donations from corporate or business houses in Gujarat.

"The remaining donations have come in from individuals," states the report. The Nationalist Congress Party comes a distant third, receiving three donations worth Rs 3 crore, with the CPI getting four donations worth Rs 9.1 lakh.

"The Supreme Court in its judgment of September 13, 2013 had ordered that no part of a candidate's affidavit should be left blank. Similarly, no part of the Form 24A providing details of donations above Rs 20,000 should be blank," says Pankti Jog of ADR.

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