ADR organised a webinar on "Electoral Bonds: Citizens' Right To Know Vs Company's Confidentiality” on 19th December 2023 (Tuesday) at 3:00 PM (IST).

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The focus points for the discussion would be the rebuttals for the following arguments put forth by the Government during the Supreme Court hearings:
  1. Amendments were brought to reduce political donations from black money. 
  2. Amendments do not infringe citizens ‘Right To Know’ as citizens have no right to know about financial bearings of political class. 
  3. Any possibility of quid pro quo between corporates and political parties under the amendments is very rare. 
  4. Electoral Bonds and the electoral level playing field. 
  5.  “….The operations of the Scheme are not behind iron curtains incapable of being pierced. All that is required is a little effort to cull out such information (Electoral Bonds contributed to parties by Corporate donors) from both sides i.e. the donor and the donee and do some match the following”.  
  6. Amount of Unknown Sources of Income (declared by parties in their audit reports but without giving their source) has reduced since Electoral Bonds.
ModeratorProf Jagdeep Chhokar, Founder Member & Trustee of ADR


  1. Shri Vijay Hansaria, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India
  2. Shri Kamal Kant Jaswal, President of the Governing Council, Common Cause
  3. Dr Fuad Halim, Senior Leader, Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  4. Shri Sanjay Raman Sinha, Senior Executive Editor ( legal) TV Channel – APN News Publication – “India Legal”
3:00 PM
Venue : 
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Electoral Bonds: Citizens' Right To Know Vs Company's Confidentiality
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