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Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) had moved the top court for directions to the poll panel to disclose final authenticated data of voter turnout in all polling stations, including the number of votes polled in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections within 48 hours of the polling.

In a plea filed with the Supreme Court, the ADR has urged the Election Commission of India (ECI) to ensure the immediate release of vital voter turnout data and related documents during ongoing elections.

At the heart of the ADR's plea lies a fundamental concern for transparency and public trust in the electoral system. The timely disclosure of accurate voter turnout figures is crucial not only for ensuring the integrity of elections but also for empowering citizens with information vital to democratic participation.

Release of Form 17C Part- I Scans:

The ADR's plea emphasizes the necessity of disclosing legible scans of Form 17C Part- I from all polling stations. This form contains authenticated figures for votes cast and is essential for verifying the accuracy of voter turnout data. The plea urges the ECI to upload these scans on its website within 48 hours of polling's conclusion.

Tabulated Polling Station-wise Data:

Another critical aspect of the plea is the request for tabulated polling station-wise data in absolute figures. This data, recorded in Form 17C Part- I, provides a detailed account of the number of votes polled at each polling station. By making this information accessible to the public, the ADR aims to enhance scrutiny and accountability in the electoral process.

Constituency-wise Figures of Voter Turnout:

The plea further seeks constituency-wise figures of voter turnout in absolute numbers. This data is essential for understanding voter participation patterns and trends at the constituency level, contributing to a more informed analysis of electoral dynamics.

Scanned Copies of Form 17C Part- II:

Additionally, the ADR requests the ECI to upload scanned copies of Form 17C Part- II post the compilation of election results. This form contains candidate-wise Result of Counting and is crucial for verifying the accuracy of election results and ensuring transparency in the declaration process.

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