While there are many crorepatis, the ‘poorest’ candidate or the one who has declared zero assets is Parvez Ali, an Independent candidate contesting from Shamli’s Thana Bhawan, election watch Association for Democratic Reforms said. Besides Ali, three candidates are there with very less number of assets. Ambedkari Hasanuram Ambedkari, an Independent candidate contesting from Agra’s Kheragarh constituency, has declared assets just worth Rs 1,000. While Geeta, from Sarv Sambhaav Party in Bhagpat, has declared assets worth Rs 4,000. Raj Kumar, contesting from Hastinapur (SC) seat in Meerut as candidate of Rashtriya Kisan Majdoor Party, has assets worth Rs 5,000.

The ADR also made an analysis of richest candidates. Congress topped the chart of richest candidates by average assets, followed by BJP on second and BSP on the third spot. The average assets per candidate in Congress has been calculated at Rs 13,18,11,259 (Rs 13 crore approx), while in BJP it is Rs 7,40,04,657 (Rs 7 crore approx), and Rs 6,77,97,078 in BSP (Rs 6 crores approx).

In terms of individual properties, Congress’ Nazir Ahmad, candidate from Agra South, is the richest contender in the first phase of Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2017.  Ahmad owns total assets of over Rs 200 crores (Rs 2,11,47,10,975 in total), with movable assets of worth Rs 1,94,21,70,975 (Rs 194 crores approx) and immovable assets of Rs 17,25,40,000 (Rs 17 crores approx). Ahmad, who is a shoe businessman by profession, had lost 2012 assembly elections from the same seat to BJP’s Yogendra Upadhyay.

After Nazir, comes BJP’s Satish Kumar Sharma, who is contesting from Mathura Mant, and owns total assets of over Rs 100 crores. Third-richest candidate in the line is again from BJP, Rani Pakshalika Singh, who is contesting from AGRA BAAH. She owns assets of over Rs 58 crore.  Rani Pakshalika is an owner of assets worth Rs 58,29,98,813,(Rs 58 crores) with assets of Rs  3,16,74,813(Rs 3 crore)  movable and assets worth Rs 55,13,24,000 (Rs 55 crore) immovable.

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