Of the 168 candidates contesting the April 24 Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh, as many as 27 have criminal records as 58 are 'crorepatis'.

The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Uttar Pradesh Election Watch came out with the figures in a report after analysing affidavits of the candidates of 12 Lok Sabha seats that are going to polls in the state's third phase polling.

"Of the total 168, 16 per cent candidates or 27 nominees have criminal records. Of them 19 have accepted that they were named in murder or attempt to murder cases," the report said.

While SP's Rameshwar Singh Yadav contesting from Farukhabad had murder case pending against him, BSP candidate from Mathura Yogesh Kumar also have murder case on him.

In the third phase, BSP is leading in fielding candidates with criminal cases. On 12 seats, seven candidates of BSP are facing criminal cases while five of SP, three each of Congress and BJP and one of AAP are also facing criminal cases.

Of the total candidates, 58 are 'crorepatis'. While all 12 candidates of BSP are 'crorepatis', 11 of BJP, four of Congress, five of AAP and four Independents are also among 'crorepatis'.

While BJP's Hema Malini contesting from Matura is the richest candidate with over Rs 178 crore assets, Rastriya Lok Dal (RLD) candidate from Firozabad Mira Mukram Bega has declared assets of Rs 1,000 only.

Vasantha Kumar H who is contesting on a Congress ticket from Kannyiakumari in Tamil Nadu has declared total assets worth over Rs 285 crore, while Bollywood actor Hema Malini, who is contesting from Mathura constituency on BJP ticket, has assets worth over Rs 178 crore.

Malini is followed by Jain Manish Ishwarlal of NCP, who is contesting from Raver in Maharashtra and has declared assets worth Rs 151 crore.

The report states that 77 out of 94 candidates in Congress, 58 out of 77 candidates in BJP, 41 out of 91 candidates in AAP, 30 out of 111 candidates in BSP and 71 out of 972 independent candidates have declared assets worth more than one crore.

Among major parties, the average assets per candidate for 94 Congress candidates is Rs 13.62 crore while 77 BJP candidates have average assets of Rs.14.37 crore.

Similarly 91 AAP candidates have average assets worth of Rs 2.60 crore and 111 BSP candidates have average assets worth Rs. 2.32 crores.

The report said that 18 candidates with total assets worth more than Rs one crore have declared no PAN details.

Meanwhile, the report found that while 33 candidates out of the total analysed were illiterates, 321 are class X pass, 277 are XIIth pass while 322 are graduates. The report also found 356 post graduates and 48 doctorates out of the total candidates.

The report said while 640 out of the total candidates fall in the age group of 41-50, 539 are between 31-40 years. Out of the total candidates analysed, 159 were women.

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