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New data released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has revealed that at least 35 percent of the candidates contesting the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh are tainted.

Most of them are facing serious criminal charges of murder, kidnapping and extortion.

“When it comes to giving tickets, what we are seeing is that all parties are handing out tickets on a winnability basis. Political strength and power muscle are common in giving tickets. If we see the records of last year’s elections in Uttar Pradesh, 28 percent of the candidates had criminal cases against them. Looking at the data this time, the parties have given tickets to 35 percent of the candidates who have criminal cases against them,” said Anil Bairwal, the National Coordinator of ADR.

“On the one hand, these parties boast of bringing in true and clean people. Then, why are they giving tickets to such people (with criminal background). Some candidates are facing serious charges, including murder, kidnapping, and extortion. So, I would like to make it public that despite pending criminal cases against them, the political parties are giving tickets to such tainted candidates,” Bairwal added. He also suggested that voters assess candidates before casting their votes.

“See, we want people to cast their votes. They should first see the profile of the candidate; see whether a candidate has any criminal record or not and assess the assets he manages. If he was an MLA or a legislator, then you must see the growth of his assets during his tenure. So, all these factors must be brought into the public domain,” said Bairwal.

Under the Election Watch of Parliament and State Assembly elections, the ADR discloses the criminal, financial and educational background of candidates who are contesting the elections with the objective of providing basic information on the background of candidates to the voters. Along with this disclosure, the ADR also analyzes the election expenditure declared by the candidates.

Polls in Uttar Pradesh are being viewed as an opportunity for major parties to re-establish their foothold in the country’s fifth largest and most populous state. (ANI)

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