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Our representatives seem immune to the economic slowdown facing Indian as well as the world economy. Their wealth keeps rising as they keep talking about taking bold initiatives to curb the slide in the economy.

The leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha and BJP leader, Arun Jaitley’s assets have gone up five times in short span of time.

Jaitley’s assets were listed at Rs23.86 crore in a report published by The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) in November 2011, but he has declared assets worth Rs120 crore in the affidavit submitted during his Rajya Sabha nomination on Monday.

According to the affidavit, Jaitley, who is eyeing a second consecutive term from Gujarat, owns movable assets worth Rs38.97 crore, and immovable assets worth Rs34.70 crore.

With declared assets of more than Rs120 crore, Jaitley is the richest of the candidates who filed their nominations for the Rajya Sabha polls from Gujarat on Monday.

Jaitley has cash in hand of Rs55 lakh, while his wife Sangeeta has cash of Rs3 lakh. The BJP leader has almost Rs85 lakh as bank FDs and deposits with financial institutions. He has also invested Rs2 crore in bonds, debentures, shares and mutual funds, and a further Rs13 lakh in PPF.

The BJP leader's affidavit says that he has loaned out Rs30 crore. He owns six motorcars, including a Mercedes, a BMW and a Porsche, which are together valued at Rs3.70 crore.He also owns gold, silver and diamond jewellery worth Rs1.74 crore. His wife owns movable assets worth Rs38.35 lakh, including jewellery worth Rs22 lakh.

The BJP leader's affidavit says he does not own any agricultural land. However, he does own a 1435 sq ft plot in Faridabad, which is valued at Rs90 lakh. He and his wife jointly own a 5,453 sq ft premises in Gurgaon, which is valued at Rs6 crore. Rajya Sabha MP and Congress nominee Pravin Rashtrapal has declared movable assets totaling Rs43.17 lakh, while his wife owns movable assets worth Rs9.51 lakh. Rashtrapal also declared that he owns immovable assets worth Rs22 lakh, while his wife owns immovable assets worth Rs18 lakh.

According to the report 'Analysis of Criminal and Financial details of MPs of Rajya Sabha ' published in November 2011 by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) total assets of Arum Jaitley were valued at Rs23.83 crore. These assets include movable property of Rs15.61 crore and immovable property of Rs8.25 Crore.

ADR's has mentioned that the all information about MPs in the report has been taken from the affidavits filed by candidates with their last nomination papers and copies of affidavits were obtained from the Election Commission.

Similarly the report also shows that the total assets of Congress candidate Pravin Rashtrapal was valued at Rs24.98 lakh of which Rs6.48 lakh was of movable property Rs18.50 lakh of immovable assets. Mansukh Mandavia, named as the second BJP candidate for the Rajya Sabha polls, declared movable assets of Rs20.56 lakh, while his wife owns movable assets of Rs5.17 lakh. The immovable assets owned by Mandavia are valued at Rs1.51 crore. His wife doesn't own any immovable assets.

The third BJP nominee for the Rajya Sabha seat, Shankar Vegad, declared total assets of Rs5.86 crore in his affidavit. According to Vegad, he owns movable assets worth Rs1.30 lakh, while assets owned by his wife total Rs3.08 lakh. The immovable assets owned by Vegad are worth Rs5.37 crore, while those owned by his wife are worth Rs45 lakh.

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