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According to an analysis by election watchdog Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 165 MLAs in Maharashtra have criminal cases lodged against them with 22 of Mumbai’s legislators having tainted backgrounds.

With the Maharashtra having decided it's representatives in the assembly, one can now analyse the nature and the kind of people the state has chosen to be ruled by, for the next five years.

Maharashtra Election Watch - Association for Democratic Reforms, an NGO, has analysed the affidavits submitted by the candidates to the Election Commission when they filed nominations for the polls, where they have revealed criminal cases pending against them.

Sada Sarvankar
Sada Sarvankar, Shiv Sena’s Mahim MLA, has 27 criminal cases against him.

According to the self-declared cases by the candidates, 165 Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) of Maharashtra have a criminal record. This means 57 per cent of our legislators have tainted pasts. As per the NGOs analysis in 2009, in which it examined affidavits of 262 candidates, 136 were found to have criminal backgrounds i.e. 52 per cent. This means more MLAs – and a bigger percentage of the representatives – have criminal records.

At 74, BJP has the highest number of 'tainted' MLAs, followed by Shiv Sena at 48. But Sena has a higher percentage of MLAs with criminal pasts (48 out of 63 MLAs).

Sada Sarvankar, Shiv Sena’s Mahim MLA and Suresh Narayan Dhanorkar, Sena’s Warora MLA in Chandrapur district, hold the distinction of having the highest number of criminal cases against them i.e. 27 cases.

The cases comprise several types. For analysis, mid-day chose to highlight the MLAs who have serious cases against them i.e. murder, attempt to murder, causing death by negligence, kidnapping, robbery/dacoity, and crimes against women.

(Note: one case may have multiple charges i.e. an MLA under one column may also figure in another column).

19 MLAs have murder/attempt to murder/causing death by negligence charges.

9 MLAs have kidnapping charges against them.

11 MLAs have been charged for crimes against women.

14 MLAs have been charged for robbery, dacoity and such related crimes.

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