The election watchdog has expressed concern that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has virtually no opposition in the 70-member House as it won 67 seats. 
“We will analyze the past record of all the winning candidates. Don’t be surprised if some of them have criminal records,” ADR coordinator Bhaskar Assoldekar said. 
While the scrutiny results are expected to be released within the next two days, Assoldekar commented that it is worrisome that the New Delhi government would not have a strong opposition in the Assembly. “In any State, a strong, qualitative and good opposition is a must for a healthy democracy but it is lacking in Delhi,” Assoldekar said.
Moreover, with the ruling party’s fresh faces not having much experience in running a government, Assoldekar said the situation during the five years of their government could be tricky.
“AAP’s campaign raised the people’s expectations. Since the party has come to rule, people have high expectations and this requires huge funds. (Delhi) government will have to ask funds from the Centre,” he added.
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