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Prabhakar Kumar

Politicians in Bihar are getting younger by the day! They've furnished false affidavits about their age and also lying about the number of criminal cases against them

These leaders can give Baba Ramdev a run for his money. It seems they've defied the ageing process!

"Why does Election Commissioner accept such false information? says national coordinator Anjesh Kumar.

In 2005, heavyweight JD(U) leader Anant Singh was 41. If you believe him, he is 49 today, and gained eight years in the last five! Lalu Yadav's brother-in-law and current Congress leader Sadhu Yadav was 44 in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. He is now 47, having aged at half the usual rate in the last six years! Former minister in the Nitish Kumar government Ajit Kumar of JD(U) has managed to defy ageing completely. He was 37 during the 2005 Assembly elections and five years later he is still 37!

These are just few of the many politicians, who have furnished false affidavits- not only regarding their age or number of criminal cases pending against them but also their assets. These leaders know fully well that even though their act would put them in the media headlines, their political future remains unaffected. Also the Election Commission doesn't have enough teeth to bite them.

"I am at 40 now. They must have printed wrong age on my voter's list," said Congress candidate Sadhu Yadav.

False affidavits are punishable and the candidature of these politicians can even be cancelled. The onus is now on the Election Commission to initiate action against them.


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