More than 100 lawmakers in Bihar Assembly have pending criminal cases against them, including for serious crimes such as murder, kidnapping and extortion, says a new survey.

According to a latest survey conducted by Association of Democratic reforms and National Election Watch, an umbrella body of about 1,000 NGOs across the country, a total of 109 MLAs in the 243-member Assembly have pending criminal cases against them.

Out of these, 64 members have serious criminal charges pending against them, according to the data released ahead of six-phase assembly elections scheduled from October 21.

The analysis was done on the basis of affidavits submitted by a total of 919 candidates for contesting Bihar Assembly elections in 2005. Out of which, 358 had declared pending criminal cases against them, it said.

About 213 candidates had serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, etc., pending against them.

The ADR-NEW analysed affidavits of 233 MLAs and found that 109 had pending criminal cases against them when elected. A highest of 39 MLAs were from JD(U), followed by 32 from BJP and 19 from RJD among others.

Besides six from LJP and three from INC had pending criminal cases against them when they were elected, the data claimed.

A highest of 32 cases were registered against Pradip Kumar, an independent candidate who won the election from Warsaliganj constituency, followed by 25 cases against Kishore Kumar, who won the poll from Sonbarsa.

"MLAs like Rajesh Kumar Raushan (RJD) from Kesariya and Manoranjan Singh (JDU) from Baniapur, all were charged with more than 15 IPC sections related to murder, kidnapping and robbery," the survey said.

The Association has demanded that upcoming Bihar assembly election should be free of candidates having criminal backgrounds and urged the political parties not to give tickets to tainted candidates.

"An attempt must be made to change the trend which existed in the Bihar assembly election, 2005. Parties before releasing their list of candidates for the elections should make sure that they do not field any candidates with criminal backgrounds," the association said.

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