Patna, Nov 3: Some of the candidates who are contesting the Bihar assembly elections have seen a phenomenal rise in their income in the past five years.

One candidate has shown an asset increase of Rs 39 crore this year when compared to what she had declared in 2010.  [Bihar Election 2015: Special Coverage]


A detailed report prepared by the Association for Democratic Reforms would show that several candidates have reported a huge increase in assets in 2015 when compared to 2010.

Among the parties it is the Congress candidates who have recorded the highest increase in assets. The Congress is followed by the JD(U). [Bihar Assembly Elections 2015: Know all about 5th phase polls]

Highest increase in assets:

Poonam Devi Yadav of the JD(U) has shown the highest increase in assets. In the year 2010, she had declared assets worth Rs 1,87,71,624. In the year 2015, the assets declared by her is worth Rs 41,34,45,969. The assets declared by her has gone up by Rs 39 crore or 2103 per cent.

Purnima Yadav who contested on a JD(U) ticket in 2010 had declared assets worth Rs 2,78,60,001. In 2015 she is contesting on a JD(U) ticket and has declared assets worth Rs 16,14,86,183 which is a jump of Rs 13 crore or 480 per cent.

Vinay Kumar Sinha of BJP was worth Rs 4,13,15,909 in 2010. In 2015 he has declared assets to the tune of Rs 1 5,64,10,626, a jump of Rs 11 crore or 279 per cent.

Lalit Kumar Yadav of RJD in 2010 was worth Rs 2,83,78,866 and in 2015 is worth Rs 12,89,51,005. His assets have gone up by Rs 10 crore.

Avaneesh Kumar Singh contested on BJP ticket in 2010 and was worth Rsc1,25,34,000. In 2015 he is contesting on the SP ticket and is worth Rs 8,18,57,885, a 
jump by Rs 6 crore.

Party wise asset increase:

The average assets of BJP candidates in the year 2010 was Rs 91 lakh. In 2015 it has increased to Rs 2 crore which is an increase of 155 per cent.

The JD(U) this year has candidates whose average assets is Rs 2 crore when compared to the Rs 64 lakh in 2010. The JD(U) candidates' average assets has risen by 314 per cent.

The RJD candidates' average assets was worth Rs 2 crore in 2010 and in 2015 it is Rs 3 crore- a jump of 76 per cent.

The Congress candidates on the other hand had average assets of Rs 1 crore in 2010. This year it is Rs 4 crore which is an increase by 333 per cent.

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